Residence card for foreigners during quarantine –

it will be extended

by Staff Selection

Coronavirus, in addition to posing a threat to health and life, noticeably destabilizes the economy and has a number of negative economic consequences. Numerous stoppages, delays in order processing, difficulties in cooperation with contractors and transport of goods – these are just some of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Issues related to company staff are also extremely important. What is the current situation of employees from outside our country?


According to the letter of the law

Poland has for some time been an attractive place for people from all over the world who are looking for a job. Their recruitment is slightly different from the recruitment of Polish citizens, therefore it requires the necessary knowledge, knowledge of legal procedures and the completion of relevant documentation. It is worth entrusting this task to professionals who will deal with it in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

The Staff Selection company specializes in legalizing the stay of foreigners in our country. We help entrepreneurs in establishing cooperation with reliable and honest people who thanks to us stay in Poland fully legally.


The labor market is facing a challenge – a pandemic is blocking offices

The current situation meant that many foreigners do not want or simply cannot return to their homeland. Staff Selection, thanks to the experience and full professionalism of services rendered, will effectively help them extend their stay in Poland in accordance with the law.

We will complete the necessary formalities in offices, making appropriate statements or residence cards for employees. Dealing with this type of matters is difficult today due to the change in the organization of work of offices and other state administration units, which is why we will gladly deprive employers of this problem and take care of the entire process. We have been operating on the market for twenty years, effectively caring for the satisfaction of entrepreneurs and people they employ.

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